[Wine] Ubuntu Hardy + Wine + WoW = corrupted graphics

Michael Peek peek at tiem.utk.edu
Fri May 9 19:01:20 CDT 2008

Jim wrote:
> Michael Peek wrote:
>> I have these artifacts where items and characters in the game are white silhouettes, and the map doesn't work
> Try editing your "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WTF\Config.wtf" file and add the following line:
> SET M2UseShaders "0"

Got that one, and the image I posted is using that setting.  Just for 
fun I changed 0 to 1 and 2 and gave it a whirl, but it's completely 
unplayable -- whole buildings don't appear, and the top and bottom half 
of my character don't meet up.

>> I have heard that both of these problems are in the video driver for x11 for Intel-based video cards.  Is this true?
> Probably.  From what I've seen and read to date, nVidia seems to be the only manufacture that provides a good GL solution on Linux.  I do hope this changes. I like to have options when shopping.

I've already decided that, unless you get your wish, my next laptop will 
have an nvidia in it.

Thanks to everyone for your help.  If anyone has any more suggestions of 
things to try, I'm all ears!

Michael Peek

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