[Wine] Re: Space Rangers 2: Is anyone else playing?

DRNewcomb wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri May 9 19:25:53 CDT 2008

OK. Distro is Ubuntu 8.04. Wine 0.9.61. I have not installed any "tweeks" to wine except some fonts.  Compiz and pulseaudio are have been killed. 1/2 Gig memory. Nvidia 4 (NV18) GPU. 

I previously had Fedora 8 and wine 0.9.58 on the same PC. 

Space Rangers 2 is the "relaoded" mod that does not have the Starforce which would not work under Wine. 

Previously under Fedora the game worked with one little glitch: If you started a new game, during the phase where the program is building the randomly generated star map, it would hang briefly then crash.  This behavior is still present.  The program just stops. I can't find where it reports any errors or anything like that. 

The second problem only started after I moved to Ubuntu. From time to time, when you are in one phase of the game (receiving a government assignment) the game hangs and crashes. Again, no errors reported, etc. (This is playing a game saved from Windows.)

The other AppDB tester of this game tells me that he didn't experience either of these errors but it has been a while since he ran the game under wine. 

I've tried changing the wineconfig settings (2k vs XP, etc) I also looked at logs generated by the program but they look like the game just stopped. 

I've tried dumping the debug information for the first type error. Some of the output is below. It would be almost impossible to collect any amount of debug information for a crash which may (or may not) occur during some extended play.  


fixme:dxdiag:IDxDiagContainerImpl_GetProp (0x13e8f0, L"dwDirectXVersionMajor", 0
fixme:dxdiag:IDxDiagContainerImpl_GetProp (0x13e8f0, L"dwDirectXVersionMinor", 0
fixme:dxdiag:IDxDiagContainerImpl_GetProp (0x13e8f0, L"szDirectXVersionLetter", 
fixme:avifile:AVIFileExit (): stub!
fixme:xrandr:X11DRV_XRandR_SetCurrentMode Cannot change screen BPP from 32 to 16
fixme:avifile:AVIFileExit (): stub!


trace:win:GetWindowRect hwnd 0x20028 ((0,0)-(1,1))
trace:win:invalidate_dce 0x20028 scope hwnd = 0x10020 (0,0)-(1,1) ((0,0)-(1,1))
trace:win:invalidate_dce 0x18cfc00: hwnd 0x20028 dcx 00000012 Cache 
trace:win:make_dc_dirty 	purged 0x18cfc00 dce [0x20028]
trace:win:invalidate_dce 0x18ce0f0: hwnd 0x20028 dcx 00000013 Cache 
trace:win:make_dc_dirty 	purged 0x18ce0f0 dce [0x20028]
trace:win:invalidate_dce 0x137f88: hwnd 0x20028 dcx 00000012 Cache InUse
trace:win:make_dc_dirty 	fixed up 0x137f88 dce [0x20028]
trace:win:USER_SetWindowPos 	status flags = 1887
trace:win:WINPOS_ActivateOtherWindow win = (nil) fg = 0x20028
trace:win:SetForegroundWindow (nil)
trace:win:SetActiveWindow (nil)
trace:win:WIN_DestroyWindow 0x20028
warn:win:free_dce GetDC() without ReleaseDC() for window 0x20028
trace:win:DestroyWindow (0x10024)
trace:win:WIN_DestroyWindow 0x10024

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