[Wine] Re: [WoW + ATI + Hardy 8.04] Problem when enter in closed area

gnivler wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri May 9 19:32:52 CDT 2008

Gabuzomeu wrote:
> Hello,
> Before my problem :
> ATI HD3850 with last ATI driver installed manually : ati-driver-installer-8-4-x86.x86_64
> Wine 0.9.61 installed with apt-get
> Ubuntu hardy 8.04 installed yesterday
> I've played WoW before under linux with ATI Driver 8.2 and wine 0.9.5x without problem except the blank minimap in closed zone, only known by ATI processors. I'm playing with OpenGL on.
> But now, I've a new big problem... see my cap => I can sse anything (http://graagb.free.fr/Capture.jpg)
> In fact, when I enter Alterac, I'm in a cavern, so a closed zone, and the minimap is blank and.... I've this new bug... all string texts are weirds. When I go out the cavern, it's not reset... I need to "change the video screen attributes" to reset the bug... but when I enter in a closed area, the bug is back again...
> Is there anything ?
> Gabuzomeu

Sorry I can't be of any direct help, but it sounds like the problems started when you upgraded to Hardy?  Maybe there are some people at the Ubuntu forums who are experiencing the same issue, I haven't looked but it seems possible.

Your screenshot looks pretty messed up and looks like a driver issue to me, have you using dll overrides maybe?  I don't really know what I'm talking about but some ideas that come to mind, in case they help.  Good luck

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