[Wine] Eve Premium Graphics Corruption

ulberon wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 10 04:11:27 CDT 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words:


The black columns are supposed to be spot lights on the ship in the middle.  I haven't tried eve premium before 0.9.60, however, people claim that it didn't have this problem in 0.9.58.

Here is a link to the thread in eve online:

Here is the general overview:
"The nvidia driver i used when everything worked (except solar system mini icon/maps, and few small objects such as Sansha's bunker, etc) was 169.09 (from nvidia) with wine 0.9.58 on Ubuntu 7.10 x64.

Now i upgraded to Hardy Heron (and nvidia 169.12) and i'm facing new problems. First as expected wine 0.9.59 caused lights (transparency) to go black, tried with wine 0.9.61 and the problem remained, then went to the menu trying to switch off premium and found the menu options after the first column dissapeared...

Tried downgrading wine to 0.9.58 and the problem with menu disappearance remains (lights work again). Downgraded nvidia to 169.09 and still the same... I suspect something with Eve client data, maybe cache or something... Will try with a fresh install, else ill try with a fresh wine.

Well the problem is not limited to the options menu not rendering, in game 3d things don't show like they should: In station 3d background is replaced with a bitmap and the ship won't show at all :("


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