[Wine] Re: Can't Find Winecfg on Suse 10.2 ??

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 10 16:49:30 CDT 2008

toolazy wrote:
> Hey,I just installed SUSE 10.2 and added the wine Repo to my yast,when I go to the "software management" and search for Wine I can only see :
> Wine
> Wineasio
> Winedoors
> Winetools
> I've installed these,now when I try to start Winecfg by running using one of the 2 commands "$ /usr/local/bin/winecfg" or "$ winecfg" in my shell I get a message saying : "bash: $: command not found"
> I can't understand what I'm doing wrong,so any help would be much appreciated.

"winecfg" is part of Wine itself - you do not need to isntall it separately.

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