[Wine] Re: Needs info about wine installation

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 10 20:46:43 CDT 2008

dctalk37 wrote:
> I was wondering about the installation of wine. Is there a way to determine where the .wine directory will be installed. I have an external HD and was wondering if it was possible to install wine to run on it instead of my internal drive. secondly i was wondering if it was possible to control the size of the .wine directory or if i could find out how it is determined.

You can't really control where Wine itself is installed (unless you compile it yourself). However ~/.wine directory is Wine's "configuration". Wine is not installed there.

If you want to move that whole directory out to external harddrive (which CAN NOT be ntfs or fat-32) you have to use WINEPREFIX environment variable. And set it to what you want "~/.wine" be. For example:

export WINEPREFIX=/media/external_drive/wine

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