[Wine] Re: dinput_test works but WINEDEBUG shows no joystick for game?

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 11 10:41:21 CDT 2008

gnivler wrote:
> This is a continuation/evolution of what I've been trying to do, get some response from my controller(s) in Guitar Hero 3.  I compiled wine (with some help :) and manually copied the dinput_test.exe.so file into my /usr/lib32/wine directory and made it's permissions match the other exe.so files (644).  I then run the test to see if dinput is seeing/reacting to my controller, and it seems to.  I then run GH3 with +dinput on debug and don't get a single line mentioning 'joy'.  I'm curious if this makes sense, or tells someone what might need to be looked at next.  Here's my terminal output (new hostname :)) :

Well looking at it - this program does not query, enumerate or otherwise ask for joystick. So it must be looking somewhere else (registry?) to see if it's controller present or not. Unfortunately I don't know where exactly can that be.

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