[Wine] GTA:SA+ WIne-RC1 + Ubuntu 8.04[64bit] -> Unhdl. exce.

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Sun May 11 16:14:24 CDT 2008

On Sun, May 11, 2008 at 11:07 AM, chourmovs
> Thank you for your answer Dan, explicit as always.

I try to be clear and polite.  (The latter part is hard because I'm such
a curmudgeon.)

>  Do you know what was the best"cultural"seller , for all category, here in france in 2007 ?
>  It was PES' dvd in front of Harry Potter's book with million of sales

OK, I'll bite:
compares how often people search for harry potter game,
and how often they search for Photoshop.  Looks like the ratio is
something like 95:1 in favor of Photoshop.

>  I read a lot of defeatist topic like this on ubuntu or mandriva forum

It's anything but defeatist.  We're giving Linux users what they
are, on average, looking for.  The distribution is so spiky that
getting top ten requested apps working perfectly, we could multiply
wine's audience by a large factor.

Lest you think this strategy leads to only supporting business
apps, look at

Wine run WoW pretty darn well; it was worth focusing on because
lots of people use it, and the Google Trends data supports that.

So easy on the sour grapes.   We may disagree on which data to
pay attention to, I suspect we're in violent agreement on one thing:
we want Wine to run the apps people want to run on Linux, and
we're doing our best to make it happen.
- Dan

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