[Wine] Needs info about wine installation

Austin English austinenglish at gmail.com
Sun May 11 17:06:33 CDT 2008

On Sun, May 11, 2008 at 5:03 PM, James McKenzie
<jjmckenzie51 at sprintpcs.com> wrote:
>  Austin:
>  The question is WHY would a user want to control the size of the .wine
> partition?  If it is an issue of space on the /home directory, this means
> that the operating system was not installed with best practices.
>  This may lead to a possible re-installation of the OS.
>  James McKenzie

Agreed, very good question. But reinstallation of the OS and
configuring disk quotas is not a Wine issue, and should be handled by
the user/distro support channels.

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