[Wine] dinput_test works but WINEDEBUG shows no joystick for game?

Mason gnivil at gmail.com
Sun May 11 17:49:51 CDT 2008

On Sun, 2008-05-11 at 10:41 -0500, vitamin wrote:
> [quote="gnivler"][quote="vitamin"]
> gnivler wrote:
> > This is a continuation/evolution of what I've been trying to do, get some response from my controller(s) in Guitar Hero 3.  I compiled wine (with some help :) and manually copied the dinput_test.exe.so file into my /usr/lib32/wine directory and made it's permissions match the other exe.so files (644).  I then run the test to see if dinput is seeing/reacting to my controller, and it seems to.  I then run GH3 with +dinput on debug and don't get a single line mentioning 'joy'.  I'm curious if this makes sense, or tells someone what might need to be looked at next.  Here's my terminal output (new hostname :)) :
> Well looking at it - this program does not query, enumerate or otherwise ask for joystick. So it must be looking somewhere else (registry?) to see if it's controller present or not. Unfortunately I don't know where exactly can that be.

Ah very cool, it kind of seemed to way to me also, just wasn't even
trying to find a controller.  I just booted into Vista (ugh) and used
Process Monitor (sysinternals) to dump all activity from GH3.exe with
the guitar controller working then again with it not even plugged in,
saved each session to a CSV file and I'm looking over a ton of plain
text at the moment.  Off on a tangent I wanted to figure out what
xinput1_3.dll is, and wikipedia has an entry for it:


It says that it uses a different API and it's specifically for xbox 360
controllers among other things.  This is one of the overrides I have to
use to get the game running, along with d3dx9_36.  Do you have any idea
what kind of reaction wine would have to this extra dinput library, if
any (assuming that question even makes sense)?  Is there any method of
debugging it's activity?  I don't understand this stuff very well but I
get the sense this is somehow a core part of the failure.  Doing more
research now..

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