[Wine] GTA:SA+ WIne-RC1 + Ubuntu 8.04[64bit] -> Unhdl. exce.

Mason gnivil at gmail.com
Sun May 11 18:24:03 CDT 2008

On Sun, 2008-05-11 at 13:59 -0500, dimesio wrote:
> > Thing we can figure out browsing your application database is that lot of major games are for the better at bronze state of emulation, and people are quickly discouraged to get their favorite game emulated so we can read in lot of forums " We can't play recent game on Linux and we never will" 
> According to the main page of the AppDB, nine of the top ten platinum apps and nine of the top ten gold apps are games. My first impression of Wine, in fact, was that it was mainly aimed at gamers.

The only reason I still have Windows installed is for games, which is
probably not a unique statement.  I'm happy with alternative software,
open source, great no problem.  I've got a user support background and
can definitely see people who are incapable and/or uninterested in even
small concessions in their tasks/activities...   Interesting discussion
in this thread.

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