[Wine] Wine 1.0 rc1 & Anarchy Online & Ubuntu 8.04

Evil Jay wine at eternaldusk.com
Sun May 11 19:10:49 CDT 2008

Sndk wrote:
> keep cool :D
> yes i chmoded but as sndk - not as root -.
> in any way, i installed the game under XP, it's a commun error, but under XP the error go out and the install continue, another frenchy gave me a link to wine/AO and they all said : AO does not patch under linux, i have to patch manually so this error is not a real one.
> I will continue tomorrow, ill patch manualy and see whats append. 
> i may reinstall the whole game because of the chmod, i would like to start from stock, it's easier if i have a problem.
> Thanks for your answers guys - see u in 2 or 3 days.

AO has a problem with Wine's HTML/IE implementation (I forget the actual
piece that errors out, atm).  But, if you install IEs4Linux, and set the
appropriate prefix when running AO, it will work.  i.e., start it with:

    'WINEPREFIX="/home/username/.ies4linux/ie6" wine Anarchy.exe'


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