[Wine] Re: Icon generation?

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 11 19:30:00 CDT 2008

QQ_ghost wrote:
> What do you mean I need a .lnk?  If I create a MS soft-link file, the icon will appear on my desktop?
> EDIT: Since a .lnk file is a binary, and there is no way of me manually generating one, how would I edit one?  I went into windows and generated one but it points linux to the windows partition.  How do I change it to reflect a different spot?
> Or, how would I change the windows .lnk file forwarder to access the wine desktop, instead of the windows filesystem?

You can do that with proper API calls. Or you can just install that software on Wine. 

This is so complicated for a reason - extracting icons from executables might be considered copyright infringement. You can always use 3rd party resource editors to get those icons out.

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