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Russell Butler russell at rj-il-butler.com
Mon May 12 01:44:06 CDT 2008

Hi all
I have a problem since installing MYOB(14.1) on wine on a gentoo AMD-64 
box using kernel 2.6.20-gentoo-r7. I have Wine 1.0-rc1 installed into a 
32-bit chroot.

MYOB runs acceptably, the only problem being selecting items in 
sub-menus, which cannot be done at this stage. I can get around this by 
removing everything from the "Forms" folder except my customised invoice 

However, I cannot print the invoice from MYOB and this is a 
show-stopper. I have cups installed into the chroot and can print a test 
page from notepad under wine, so it appears the problem is at a higher 
level than that. Printer is a Samsung 4521 on a usb port. Unfortunately 
the print dialogue doesn't offer a "Print to file" option as a work around.

I've attached a cups log output, if anyone can help. If there is some 
other wine-specific logging, I am happy to look at that, but haven't 
found any yet.

If I get this working I could blow away the vmware Windows install I use 
currently and which is taking up several GB of space on my hard drive.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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