[Wine] Re: GTA:SA+ WIne-RC1 + Ubuntu 8.04[64bit] -> Unhdl. exce.

chourmovs wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 12 03:05:59 CDT 2008

And if we concider that people who use wine have windows license (  [Laughing] ), why do people interested in photoshop and office don't put it in their vmware folder, i think virtualisation is better designed for this than for directx.

It would liberate power for wine directx' work

About regression , i'm not an expert in pharaonic coding, but i don't understand why wine don't use a plugin architecture, as lot of complexe projects 

Each specific part of windows api could be a plugin that you had to a fully verified and working core, with the ability to update, downgrade, activate, desactivate each plugin with a graphical inrterface


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