[Wine] Re: first translation patch - broken characters

mikolajz wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 12 03:58:44 CDT 2008

For French you should use cp-1252. It is very similary to iso-8859-1, but some characters are different, so it's better to choose it correctly. Do the characters appear broken when opening the About > License dialog e.g. in notepad? If so, then you should open the resource file in the correct charset (e.g. specifing the charset in File > Open in geddit), the characters will be probably similarly broken, and you should fix them manually.

If the characters display correctly then there is something wrong with the patch. That's strange as I never had problem with Git and Polish characters in patches. Maybe it is your viewer that have a problem? What are you using to view it? Maybe it just expects the UTF-8 encoding and can't dislpay the characters that are correctly stored in the file?

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