[Wine] Re: i want to change the default /home/user/.wine

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 12 16:24:51 CDT 2008

looki wrote:
> ok thx.
> assuming i have different wine installations (made with ./configure --prefix=folder_version) and i now use for every wine version 
> WINEPREFIX=folder_version wine_version anyprogram.

Wrong. WINEPREFIX points to ~/.wine directory - Wine's "configuration". Wine is not installed there. The directory you give to configure with "--prefix" is the directory Wine will be installed into on 'make install'. To use _that_ Wine installation you need to specify full path when running it. Example

./configure --prefix=/opt/wine_special
make depend all install
WINEPREFIX=$HOME/special_program /opt/wine_special/bin/wine special_program.exe

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