[Wine] Printing /MYOB

Russell Butler russell at rj-il-butler.com
Mon May 12 20:08:47 CDT 2008

qwertymn wrote:
> The following howto works in almost all cases for me:
> 1. Install cups-pdf
> 2. edit /etc/cups/cups-pdf.conf and put something like this:
> Out ${HOME}/PDF 
> instead of
> Out ${DESKTOP}
> in the file (otherwise i got errors like 'permission denied') 
> Make sure you did 'mkdir ~/PDF' first of course
> 3. When the printer-dialog (in for example notepad or other app) opens, choose "Cups-pdf printer" , _DON'T_ choose "print to file" !!!, just hit 'OK' button, and you will find your pdf-file in ~/PDf with some kind of funny name.........
> You can find this howto at
> http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iAppId=2549
Thanks a lot for this. I had installed cups-pdf, now I realise that it 
was done under the 32-bit chroot install, only.

I can now print to cups-pdf, and a file is generated, but the page is 
blank. I now realise I didn't say this in my original post, but printing 
to the printer will produce a blank page. Hence the comment that the log 
  appears to generate a page.

Looks to me as though wine/MYOB is not translating the information into 
postscript properly.

I tried installing PDF-Creator under wine (the Windows .exe) and it 
comes up in the print dialogue, but just hangs, with no output.

Thanks for your help and interest


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