[Wine] Re: Winecfg and users

Jim wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue May 13 02:44:12 CDT 2008

austin987 wrote:
> Native overrides don't break things as easily and are often necessary.

Additionally for overrides that are really bad choices users will get a warning that reads: "Changing the load order of this library is not Recommended. Are you sure you want to do this?"

This is true for the following:  advapi32, capi2032, dbghelp, ddraw, gdi32, glu32, icmp, iphlpapi, kernel32, mswsock, ntdll, opengl32, stdole2.tlb, stdole32.tlb, twain_32, unicows, user32, vdmdbg, w32skrnl, winealsa.drv, wineaudioio.drv, wined3d, winedos, wineesd.drv, winejack.drv, winejoystick.drv, winemp3.acm, winenas.drv, wineoss.drv, wineps, wineps.drv, winex11.drv, winmm, wintab32, wnaspi32, wow32, ws2_32, wsock32

Also, the above libraries do not appear in the drop down list.

Safe enough?

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