[Wine] Re: Installerproblem

didencool wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue May 13 09:14:14 CDT 2008

stoner wrote:
> Hello Wine community,
> Please note for your anwser that I am a real Linux noob, so I can follow a how-to but I think at the moment not really more.
> Thanks in advance
> Edit:
> I use the wine version 0.9.58 on a Mandriva system

I 'm not realy far from your knowlege but...
Mandriva has a Desktop KDE by default, you should run console programm
in KDE it usualy called konsole, so press Alt+F2 in window that appears type konsole, than press enter...
you have something like cmd in windows

then you should have know a path and name to/of your favorit program...
normally i do so

~cd [PathToMyProgram]

then you need to type
~wine [NameOfMyProgram]

after that you have in this console some text (log of you program working)
easyest way to post it here for start...

generally text you needed started with fixme:
or it could say that you have no some *.dll
I think that enough for start...

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