[Wine] GTA:SA+ WIne-RC1 + Ubuntu 8.04[64bit] -> Unhdl. exce.

Paul Johnson baloo at ursine.ca
Tue May 13 12:06:37 CDT 2008

On Tuesday 13 May 2008 03:36:44 am Timeout wrote:

> I could return your comment about games vs productive tools:
> I never understood why people would use a computer for games. For games a
> video console is much more appropriate (besides the question Windows vs
> Linux). Buying a computer solely to play (and when taking account of the
> hardware requirements) is really a waste of money, 

Never mind that there hasn't been a console built yet that has decent, 
responsive-enough controls for some gaming situations.  Playing an FPS on a 
console is nigh impossible:  That kind of gaming absolutely depends on a 
keyboard and mouse.

> not to speak that due to 
> the progress of computers you can't even play old games on new computer or
> you will crash on the wall before you even start to play (game from '92).

Sure you can.  Get an environment that'll slow it down to a playable speed, 
like mo-slo, etc.

Paul Johnson
baloo at ursine.ca

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