[Wine] Re: Blinking-Flashing When Ever I Hit The Mouse.....

Tlarhices wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue May 13 22:43:27 CDT 2008

cpuboye11 wrote:
> thats besides my problem.. I will fix the mouse problem later, is there a way to make it so i can run these programs with out the flashing with out going back to Metacity --replace?

Outside of completely stopping compiz and not starting it back, there is no solution working for everybody.
You might try by updating compiz, updating your video driver, shutting down options from compiz configuration but doing this you risk to end up breaking more things than it will actually solve.

If you want to keep compiz and it's typing the command that bothers you, you should look at fusion-icon (GUI tool to switch on/off compiz)

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