[Wine] Re: Problems running the game GUN from Neversoft.

fredand44 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu May 15 12:04:16 CDT 2008


I found a no-cd-crack at:

No it's complaining about "DirectX 9.0c must be installed" in a popup.

I also tried to start it through a terminal and this time there was a very long output. Below is tha last rows:

fixme:dxdiag:IDxDiagContainerImpl_AddProp (0x12d680, L"dwOutputs", 0x32f478)
fixme:dxdiag:IDxDiagContainerImpl_AddChildContainer (0x127a30, L"DxDiag_DirectShowFilters", 0x12d680)
fixme:dxdiag:IDxDiagContainerImpl_GetChildContainer (0x127a30, L"DxDiag_SystemInfo", 0x32fcbc)
fixme:dxdiag:IDxDiagContainerImpl_GetProp (0x127a50, L"dwDirectXVersionMajor", 0x32fcd4)
fixme:dxdiag:IDxDiagContainerImpl_GetProp (0x127a50, L"dwDirectXVersionMinor", 0x32fcd4)
fixme:dxdiag:IDxDiagContainerImpl_GetProp (0x127a50, L"szDirectXVersionLetter", 0x32fcd4)

Is there a way to use DirectX9.0c through wine?

Best regards

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