[Wine] does WINE run on MAC OS and OpenVMS

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Thu May 15 23:36:15 CDT 2008

> Paul Johnson wrote:
> > When you say things like this, it really makes them wonder why you have 
> > moderator status, given that the FAQ contradicts you.  You should perhaps 
> > read it some time.
> > 
> > http://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ#head-5804ec2bb090feaf81f572993444efd8ec2a8569
> > 
> First of all what the hell it has anything to do with me being a moderator? You just can't get over it can you? And why does it even bother you? You are not using forum.
> The FAQ is wrong. You _CAN_ run Wine and you _CAN_ run winelib apps (like winecfg, Wine's notepad, etc).
> I DID NOT say you could run windows programs! You have to actually read what I wrote.
Dear Vitaliy!
  Yes, I caught your idea from your first answer. You strictly distinguish
running wine itself (which can be compiled for most of current CPUs)
+ winelib apps (compiled the same way) from running native windows apps,
which is not possible, because wine doesn't contain an x86 emulator.
  You are absolutely RIGHT.
  But you are talking to people, which don't have such a deep understanding
how the things work. They don't distinguish between "running wine" and
"running windows app using wine", because they never do anything else than
the second, and they obviously are referring to this as "running wine".
  Therefore, your answer is confusing them.
  It is not important for them to know, that wine itself can run on their CPU,
because they will never be able to recompile, say, excel or photoshop, to be
a winelib app. So, for them, wine doesn't work at all (nobody will be happy
running winecfg or wine's notepad itself :-) ). 
  Please, keep in mind, that there is really a big difference in your knowledge
compared to their, and think thrice before writing such answers. Either don't
write anything, or write the complete information (wine itself can run, but
window apps can not, because...).
  I personally like you and your efforts to help wine; don't degrade your
efforts by such "counter-productive" answers, it can really cause more harm
than help.
  With regards,
     Pavel Troller

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