[Wine] World of warcraft in wine

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Fri May 16 08:27:17 CDT 2008

2008/5/16 vitamin <wineforum-user at winehq.org>:
>  johwes wrote:

>  > I'm having a problem with world of warcraft. I cant really say if its driver related or wine related and thought i'd ask here to get some tips.
>  > Anyway i'm running 64-bit ubuntu hardy heron
>  > My machine is
>  > 8 Gb ram
>  > Core 2 Duo CPU
>  > NVIDIA 8800 GT
>  > Anyway to the problem at hand. I ran the install inside wine. Worked like a charm. Fired up the game in opengl mode also worked like a charm. Logg in and i can play for a random amount of time before my computer crash (and i mean really crash i need to power off my computer since i cant reach back to Xwindows in anyway, my monitor even goes into sleep mode). I've tried the drivers from both ubuntu and the beta from nvidia. Running wine 1.0-rc1.
>  > Any tips to either generate some debug output or tips in some direction would be awsome.

>  Wine should not be able to crash system - it's a user application. You might have problems with driver an/or hardware.
>  Driver leaking memory and overheating video card is the most likely cause of such crashes.

Overheating in general. ACPI and temperature monitoring in Linux is a
hair-tearing problem in general because all the hardware assumes

(I have a Compaq N410c laptop, whose DSDT file (ACPI config) is
notoriously buggy in Linux. Running Picasa for Linux (the one that
comes with its own copy of Wine) would routinely use enough CPU to
overheat the box and make it shut down. I took to running ktemperature
(which displays CPU temperature in the system tray, and works on both
KDE and GNOME) to keep an eye on it - the machine just wasn't slowing
down the CPU properly when it got hot.)

So - run ktemperature to monitor the CPU, don't know if the
temperature of the video card can be monitored by the system ...

- d.

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