[Wine] not able to write on ntfs disk

Szabolcs Szakacsits szaka at ntfs-3g.org
Fri May 16 14:43:33 CDT 2008

vitamin <wineforum-user <at> winehq.org> writes:
> bastos wrote:
> > 
> > err:virtual:map_file_into_view shared writable mmap not supported, 
> > broken filesystem?
> Indicates that this is ntfs driver deficiency. File the bug with 
> makers of ntfs-3g driver

It took over three years to get the relevant code into the Linux 
kernel (2.6.26-rc1). Shared writable mmap will work from kernel 


Quote from http://ntfs-3g.org/support.html#wine

Why does Wine crash?

    User mounted partitions, e.g. when using the 'user' or 'users' mount options
in the /etc/fstab file, are done with the 'noexec' mount option by default for
security reasons. This means that memory mapping (mmap) files for execution will
be denied.

    Another reason can be the lack of kernel support for shared writable mmap
which was added only to Linux kernel 2.6.26.

    Solution: Add the 'exec' mount option to the end of the mount options. It's
important that the option to be the last one, otherwise other mount option can
over judge its effect. However please also note that Wine was not designed to
run arbitrary applications directly from a Windows partition. To do so, one must
install the Windows application via Wine onto the Windows partition first. 

Regards,   Szaka

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