[Wine] Re: [wine1.0rc1][opensuse10.3] 2 net questions

didencool wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 17 01:48:27 CDT 2008

Hi Ppl

WINEPREFIX=~/.winebtl/AC wine-doors
Started logging session
Checking wine drive: ~/.winebtl/AC/
Network manager not found, your internet is your business
please don't complain if it doesn't work

I have this sh...
I installed QT in both ways... naturally and throw wine-doors
(in different "bottles")

vitamin wrote:
> Don't do that. Wine has it's own replacement. QT should install on Wine as-is without any problems, except drawing whole screen black. If the above command worked (and you successfully downloaded Wine_gecko) then your connection is good.

Now i have both in one bottle(with wine-doors)... 
I install ie6 and it is working. i have installed wine-gecko earlier
quick time still no connecting directly.
but ie is working normally it connect to winehq.org :)  as well as for others :)
thank you one more :)

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