[Wine] Re: Foxpro chinese data display

mikolajz wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 17 11:29:54 CDT 2008

The first thing is to set the locale correctly (as I understand this is a non-Unicode application). You can either do this by setting the preferred language of the whole Linux system to Chinese or by starting the program from the command line with with "LANG=zh_TW wine program.exe" (maybe try first "LANG=zh_TW wine winecfg" to check if the locale is properly recognized). This will set the system locale, and setting the system locale is what the Windows "Language for non-Unicode programs" option is for.

The second thing you may have programs with are Chinese fonts - Wine doesn't ship any and the fact that the Linux ones are named differently from the Windows ones may be a problem for some applications. The easiest solution is to copy them from Windows (if you have a Windows license), but you could also try to use font substitutions to map some Linux fonts into the Windows font names.

Another problem you could have is the font linking (see http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11861 ). On Windows the system (probably the Regional Settings applet) creates them automatically. On Wine you may need to create them manually.

I should add that I don't know if these are all the problems you can have with Chinese programs. I don't have much experience in runnig Chinese program. I was only once investigating the bug #11861, and these are the problems I know of.

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