[Wine] Re: problem build wine lib

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 18 09:54:56 CDT 2008

nev wrote:
> File 4. – Linux Shared library header
> File 6 – Linux Shared library cpp
> File 5 and 6 compiled using gcc on linux.

You missed 5.

nev wrote:
> The spec file was processed with command
> winebuild --dll --export=../WinToLinux.spec --external-symbols --subsystem=native --library-path=../../WinLib/Debug  --output=Wrapper.o

"--subsystem=native" is for "kernel drivers". You want "console" or "windows" depending on what your app does. That also means

nev wrote:
> Question are.
> 1.	What am I doing wrong or not doing?
> 2.	Where can I find a how to?
> 3.	Is this the correct approach?

1) dunno winelib is not often used and only few people really know how to use it properly.
2) I doubt you will find one other then http://www.winehq.org/site/docs/winelib-guide/index
3) Not really. We've been discouraging anyone from using winelib for two main reasons:
- It's unstable and highly depends on Wine version. New Wine version might kill your app
- It's not portable to windows - you will have to maintain two separate codebases for your project.

If you want to port your application to Linux - fix Wine to work with your app.
If you really need some features not available on windows - write a native Linux application.

nev wrote:
> The bigger picture is I need to share memory and other services between linux application and windows application, running at the same time.

You can use number of different IPCs mechanisms available on Linux for this. Shared memory is the hardest to work with - it requires lots of synchronization if it's being modified.

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