[Wine] Re: A problem with GetProcessMemoryInfo?

brown wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 18 16:13:54 CDT 2008

vitamin wrote:
> brown wrote:
> > I have made a simple program, but results from both windows and wine are quite different. Is this a bug in my program or in wine? Any advice is appreciated :)
> > 	bool ret=GetProcessMemoryInfo ( GetCurrentProcess() , &pmc, 
> It's not implemented in Wine: 
> http://source.winehq.org/source/dlls/psapi/psapi_main.c#L520 calls http://source.winehq.org/source/dlls/ntdll/process.c#L211
> You should use other functions available form kernel32 instead.

Thanks for your reply.
I tried to use NtQuerySystemInformation instead, but it seems the function doesn't work well either. :(

NTSTATUS ns = NtQuerySystemInformation ( SystemProcessInformation, pspi, dSize, NULL );


BTW, wine's taskmgr.exe won't show real 'Mem Usage' under linux (but will under windows).

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