[Wine] Re: does WINE run on MAC OS and OpenVMS

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 19 08:49:10 CDT 2008

noble_curious wrote:
> Well thnx to all of u for replying.
> From the above discussions what I understood is that
> it may be possible for me to build WINE itself from source on different machines which may be non x86 ( may be  need to have some change at some where in source) but it is not possible to run windows application on that installed/built WINE on non x86 machine.


noble_curious wrote:
> and same is the case for compiling with WINELIB.

Not correct. That is the only part that's good about Winelib - ability to run on non-x86 box.
Of course that means all of the code have to be recompiled as Winelib, DLLs included. However non-x86 platforms don't get much use so there are might be some problems not present on x86.

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