[Wine] Wine and Counter Strike Source Decreasing Frames Per Second

comsatcat wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 19 12:30:54 CDT 2008


I'm having a strange problem with counter strike source and wine. I run at about 40fps for the first five minutes.. then with every new round, my fps decreases by about 20%... so by round 5 I'm down to 9 fps.

I've tested this with both wine and cedega and get the same results. I'm running Fedora Core 8 on a core 2 duo processor w/ 2gigs of ram and 256MB video card. I've tried switching window managers, turning off compositing, and setting registry settings suggested in the wine forums website for cstrike source.

I've ran a vmstat and my idle cpu when the fps drops is still around 35%, and I am not swapping to disk.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem or have any suggestions? I have run cstrike source with cedega and wine under Gentoo just fine on this same exact machine (using the same version of nvidia drivers).

Here is my system configuration:

Wine Version: wine-1.0 rc1
Nvidia Version: 96.43.05
Kernel Version:
OS Version: Fedora Core 8

Thanks in advance.

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