[Wine] Is Wine just as good as CrossOver?

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Tue May 20 01:45:37 CDT 2008

On Tuesday May 20 2008 05:19:42 Dewdman42 wrote:
> Yea I see the fixme messages.  But so far I have not seen clean messages
> showing me which DLL is missing.  I will try more stuff.

	What's the real problem? Why do you think you are missing DLL? If you just 
see fixmes, etc. - you don't missing any DLLs. And if you havn't any 
real problems - just ignore these messages.

> CrossOver was more clear.

	It produces zero fixmes, errs because it suppress them by default (you need 
to use --verbose to turn them on).

	If you like to see only information about missing DLLs (if any) - this is 
possible with WINE by exporting this environment variable:

export WINEDEBUG=-all,err+module

	Then run WINE as usually, for example:

wine taskmgr

	If you want this (or any other) environment variable to be the default you 
need to edit your /etc/bash.bashrc (if you are using bash) or /etc/zsh/zshenv 
(if you are using zsh) accordingly (just add above line with WINEDEBUG 
variable somewhere in the config file).

	In real world in most cases you don't need to worry about missing DLLs - just 
install and use your program(s). In case if you find that you are 
missing "typical" DLL I recommend you to use winetricks ( 
http://kegel.com/wine/winetricks ) to install them.

	If you don't missing any DLL (or you are missing internal application's DLLs 
that failed to install properly for some reason) and application don't work 
as it should file a bug report at http://bugs.winehq.org so we can fix your 

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