[Wine] Rosetta Stone again

Hans Halvorson hhalvors at Princeton.EDU
Tue May 20 05:47:06 CDT 2008

At Sun, 18 May 2008 19:24:06 -0500,
dimesio wrote:
> You may have already tried this--you didn't say exactly what you've
> tried--but the only way my daughter was able to get Rosetta Stone to
> work under Wine was to rip the cd to an iso and mount that.

I had not yet tried mounting an iso image of the disk.

Strangely, I have not been able to rip the cd to an iso.  I get the
following error:

$ dd if=/dev/cdrom1 of=image.iso bs=2k
dd: reading `/dev/cdrom1': Input/output error
2886+0 records in
2886+0 records out
5910528 bytes (5.9 MB) copied, 14.78 s, 400 kB/s

This exact same error happens on two different machines, so it's not
likely a hardware problem.  The cd itself is brand new, and there are
no visible flaws, so it's not likely a problem with the disk.  I
wonder if Rosetta has implemented some sort of copy protection?

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