[Wine] Rosetta Stone again

Hans Halvorson hhalvors at Princeton.EDU
Tue May 20 12:16:57 CDT 2008

At Tue, 20 May 2008 11:56:44 -0500,
dimesio wrote:
> Hans Halvorson wrote:
> >   I
> > wonder if Rosetta has implemented some sort of copy protection?
> Probably. I know some copy protection schemes work by intentionally creating bad sectors on the disc. (That's about the limit of my knowledge on the subject.)
> Looking over your original post, I did have one idea. You said you mounted the cd before running the program, but did you open it in a file manager? If not, try doing that.

Yes, I can open d:\ in winefile, and everything looks in order there.
In fact, I can click on "Autorun.exe", but then it says "Unload the
debugger and try again."

> Also, are you running the latest version of Wine?

I am running Wine 1.0_rc1.

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