[Wine] New winetricks 20080522: added directx9, wmp10, mono19; lots of bug fixes, nicer gui

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Thu May 22 09:09:10 CDT 2008

Winetricks, described at http://wiki.winehq.org/winetricks,
is a handy tool for downloading bits and pieces that
ought to be included in Wine or in Windows apps,
but aren't yet for some reason.

Since the last time I announced it on wine-users, I've
added three new verbs:
  directx9, wmp10, and mono19
and fixed lots of bugs.

The directx9 verb is experimental.  Please try it and let me know
how well it works.  I'm not a gamer, so I'm just guessing here :-)

The wmp9 and wmp10 verbs aren't really useful; they're mostly
for folks experimenting with codecs.

A few people mentioned that the font installation
commands misbehave -- they put the fonts in c:\windows\Fonts even if
there's an existing c:\windows\fonts (lowercase) directory already.
Let me know if you run into this (and, if you know, how your fonts directory
got created).

As always, winetricks is downloadable from
and change history is at

Here's the change history since early April:

Added directx9 verb
Show package descriptions, at least with zenity.
Add mfc42 as synonym for vcrun6.
Quote environment variables uniformly in case users do strange things
like override to directories with spaces in them.
Added little script to run all options as a trivial test.
Remove debugging code accidentally left in.
fixed icky cut-and-paste typo. Somehow it worked anyway.
Let corefonts work even when user has them installed natively.
Based on a patch by Hans Leidekker.
dotnet20 also depends on fontfix
Move most dependencies down into bottom switch statement
wsh56 now runs vcrun6 so people don't have to remember that anymore
Updated dotnet11 for rc1. Install needed fonts automatically.
Fonts directory typo. Fixes tahoma verb. Reported by Igor Tarasov.
Don't trust Curl to get filename right. Fixes gecko.
Quote cache directory. Reported by Ricardo Filipe.
Update to latest mono
Remove mono11 and mono12 verbs, replace with mono19
Abort properly on network errors
Updated xvid
Switch to listing simpler synonyms for changing windows version
Correct description of volnum verb (it's still needed)
Fix typo in sha1sum check that caused it to be ignored!
Update sha1sum for flash player (see comment for URL about the update)
Much better error reporting for gui users.
Add wmp10 and windows media codecs
Add Windows Media Player 9 (not really usable yet; this is for the
guys implementing Quartz etc.)
Fixed typo that disabled curl.
Three improvements from Paul Drain:
1) better error handling options for wget
2) add the rest of ms core fonts
3) specify (currently) known good sourceforge mirrors for some files
mdac27 needs win2k, as noted by Austin.
Added winver=vista
Use curl and openssl instead of wget and sha1sum if needed (e.g. on
mac), as suggested by Ryan Schmidt
Use -nd option with wget, as suggested by Hin-Tak Leung
James suggested fixing dcom98 recipe to not crash, say, notepad.
Show names of ms vc runtime libraries
Fixed mono12 description, updated url

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