[Wine] Re: Office XP - possible to install?

Bamm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri May 23 00:49:42 CDT 2008

Hi Daniel,

I'm also a user of Wine. I used Crossover Linux 6.2 to install MS Office 2003 and it worked perfectly, but in the past the install did not work in Wine.

However since Wine 0.9.58 I have been able to install Office 2003 in plain Wine. I haven't tried it yet in 1.0-rc1 but I believe it will work too.

If you have problems, please post the exact error messages and maybe I or someone else can help you get it sorted.

I think 1.0-rc1 is a great release. My main use for Wine is me collection of astronomy programs, and many of the problems I used to have went away with version 1.0-rc1. I'm looking forward to 1.0.


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