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David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Fri May 23 06:47:34 CDT 2008

to list as well

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From: David Gerard <dgerard at gmail.com>
Date: 2008/5/23
Subject: Re: [Wine] IE 7
To: "L. Rahyen" <research at science.su>

2008/5/22 L. Rahyen <research at science.su>:
> On Thursday May 22 2008 19:34:58 Hartmut Figge wrote:

>> However, reading 'Topic is closed' on a maling list is just ridiculous.

>        Not at all. It warns you that you may continue to write to the ML but forum
> users will unable to see your messages. In fact topics can be closed silently
> (without any warning sent to the ML) but we agreed to write a message about
> this when closing in order to prevent possible confusion.

It seems reasonable and workable in the circumstances. Forum users
will be more n00bish, mailing list users are more likely to understand
how the split works.

- d.

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