[Wine] Re: MS Project and IE trusted zone

Bamm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 24 11:05:34 CDT 2008

quantumphaze wrote:
> [*]Install IE into the ~/.wine/ environment

If .wine exists, delete or rename it. Then copy ~/.ies4linux/ie6/ as .wine.

Or, use Crossover to install IE (I trust Crossover more than IEs4Linux, because Crossover uses the IE installer while IEs4Linux extracts and copies the files by brute force and then modifies the registry directly as needed by IE). The copy the Crossover IE "bottle" as .wine.

quantumphaze wrote:
> [*]Install Project into ~/.ies4linux/ie6/ instead

env WINEPREFIX="~/.ies4linux/ie6/" wine setup.exe

NOTE: IEs4Linux creates a heavily modified wine environment! It makes it almost impossible to install other programs in it. I mentioned Crossover because I had been able to install programs in a Crossover IE bottle, but not in an IEs4Linux bottle.

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