[Wine] [Wiki] Possible error in documentation wineboot

shakaran wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 24 12:08:31 CDT 2008

Hello, I am translating some pages of Wiki of Wine into Spanish:

In http://wiki.winehq.org/wineboot the first line says:
wineboot preforms actions that would normally be done ...

There might be
wineboot performs actions that would normally be done

I am not quite sure, but to translate it was not much meaning in the phrase to the word "preforms."

On the other hand, I would like translate the tool wineboot, it could be translated into other languages, but I think this is not empowered in the archives .rc

I have already made the translation of wineboot -h to Spanish and I would like to see that some developers include it:

Uso: wineboot [optiones]
    -h,--help         Muestra este mensaje de ayuda
    -e,--end-session  Limpia el final de la sesión actual
    -f,--force        Fuerza la salida para proceso que no salieron limpiamente
    -i,--init         Lleva a cabo la inicialización para la primera instancia de Wine
    -k,--kill         Mata todos los procesos en ejecución sin ninguna limpieza
    -r,--restart      Sólo reinicia, no se hacen operaciones de inicio
    -s,--shutdown     Sólo apaga, no reinicia
    -u,--update       Actualización del directorio wineprefix

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