[Wine] "The Disk is Not Ready"

tootlet wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 24 20:49:40 CDT 2008

Running Xubuntu 8.04 on IBM R51 laptop with 1 Gb of RAM, 1.5 Ghz CPU. Downloaded and installed the latest wine from www.winehq.com. I installed Quicken 2007 without event. I wanted to restore a file from my Windows version of Quicken. I hit the radio button saying I'm not a new user and want to restore a file from the computer. I browse to the file and select it. Then I get a dailogue box saying:
"The Disk is not ready" I can use Notepad to create and save a file in drive_c. I tried chmod 777 /home/tootlet/.wine/Quicken thinking it was a permissions issue. Didn't work. Still "Disk is not ready". How do I get the disk ready?

Tried googling and reading some entries in winehq forums but didn't run across anything like this. I would appreciate any hints you might be able to provide.


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