[Wine] Re: Why is wineprefixcreate deprecated?

Jim wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 25 04:25:54 CDT 2008

Bamm wrote:
> If you just want to create a prefix and do nothing else, then yes. I did mention a couple of situations when it is desirable to create a prefix and do nothing else. Why start a program to create a prefix when you can just create a prefix?

Why don't you have a look at wineprefixcreate:

less `which wineprefixcreate`

Ultimately wineprefixcreate calls wineboot and optionally wineserver -w.

Give it a try:

WINEPREFIX=~/.someprefix wineboot

So what's wrong with calling wineboot?  It certainly is much easier to type than "wineprefixcreate."  wineboot really does have the functionality you seek.

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