[Wine] Re: [wine 1.0r2] Problem with installation of HoI2

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 25 10:38:38 CDT 2008

uzytkownik wrote:
> I have problem with installation of HoI2 (Polish version). When I enter the CD to cdrom I receive that installer is going to install.
> However:
> 1. The only option is "Zamknij" (close) - which do not work
> 2. It seems to hang up. But it consume no CPU.
> My locale is en_GB.UTF-8 and the output from console is:
> % wine Setup.exe 
> fixme:service:QueryServiceObjectSecurity 0x1205d0 4 0x32ed74 512 0x32f184 - semi-stub
> fixme:service:SetServiceObjectSecurity 0x1205d0 4 0x32ef74
> The app is reported in AppDB as gold/silver and friend of mine have sucessfully install his game (on different distribution and on x86-64 not x86).
> 1. Is there any instructions/wiki how to install specific apps?
> 2. What's wrong with my configuration?

Make sure Wine is not running. If it is - kill it. Move ~/.wine directory aside. And try installing your program again.

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