[Wine] Why is wineprefixcreate deprecated?

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Mon May 26 12:13:03 CDT 2008

On Monday May 26 2008 04:30:53 Bamm wrote:
> env WINEPREFIX="/home/bamm/apps/starrynight" wineprefixcreate
> ...
> I know I can use wineboot in its place, e.g.,
> ...
> env WINEPREFIX="/home/bamm/apps/starrynight" wineboot
> ...
> but I find this very counterintuitive.

	Well I guess for most of old advanced users this is intuitive. For example, I 
personally often create a lot of WINE prefixes and have some scripts that use 
wineprefixcreate. After wineprefixcreate became deprecated all of my scripts 
are using wineboot now (and I didn't asked anyone because it was obvious to 
me that wineboot is the replacement; I don't say that this should be obvious 
for everyone - reread my first message in this topic), and I use wineboot in 
the terminal too when I need to create WINE prefix manually. Works perfectly.
	For new users use of wineboot is as intuitive as use of wineprefixcreate so 
no problem here either.

> That wineboot now also creates a prefix does not make it a command to create
> a prefix. 

	Wrong. It does. And this is very intuitive - first boot bootstraps 
WINE prefix if it doesn't exist.

> I argue that for clarity we should still have a wineprefixcreate command,
> even if all it does it to run wineboot. (which is really what it does).

	Then why not try to send a patch or if you are unsure ask on IRC/wine-devel 
is this acceptable or not.

> > > People may have their reasons why they would want to modify an
> > > environment before running a program there.
> >
> > So they use winecfg or something. Big deal.
> Sure, except that I am too lazy to want to open and close the winecfg
> window unless I really intend to use it.

	Then use wineboot.

> I can see that you don't mind opening another program just to create a
> prefix. Well I do.

	Again, use wineboot. It doesn't open any program and works as fast (or even 
faster) than wineprefixcreate.

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