[Wine] Why is wine not prepackaged on the download site

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at sprintpcs.com
Mon May 26 18:36:36 CDT 2008

gat wrote:
> the reason that the x11 for macintosh being broken is insufficient as a cause for not having a package on the download site.
The 'brokenness' of X11 on the Mac is NOT the reason that there is no 
downloadable version of Wine for the Mac (PowerPC or Intel.)  The fact 
that the Darwine project is NOT a part of the Wine project is.  Thus, if 
you want to download a copy of Wine for the Mac, you should visit the 
Darwine project or MikesMassiveMess.

>  the darwine source cvs repository does not carry a version on it.
The Darwine project does not carry Wine source code and the 
create_darwine_distrib shell script goes to the Wine repository for Wine 
>  i personally cannot compile the source for my computer.
Details on your computer?  What processor does it use and what version 
of MacOSX are you using?
>  i can install xfree86, though. if this fixes the x11 problem, considering that most people can achieve this, should there not be updated packages along with the other supported operating systems on sourceforge. hopefully by the official 1.0 release this will have happened.
Again, which version of MacOSX and what machine type, PowerPC or Intel 
are you trying to build Darwine on?

James McKenzie

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