[Wine] HH.EXE location

jcfuller wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue May 27 06:23:44 CDT 2008

This is related to my post about .chm where vitamin set me on the right path.

Since then I reinstalled Ubuntu 8.04 and wine.
While perusing the virgin registry I noticed the chm.file ...command key was: C:\windows\system32\hh.exe %1
There is no hh.exe located in that directory. The hh.exe file is located in the C:\windows\ directory.
If wine uses the registry how does it find hh.exe?

I have a windows program whose help file is in chm format. It appears this program calls hh.exe directly rather than use a ShellExecute to display it's help file. I thought possibly I could replace hh.exe to see if I could get the chm file to render properly. How would one go about this if wine is not using hh.exe to display .chm files?


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