[Wine] Re: running 16 bit real mode executables on mac

spectrum wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue May 27 06:23:45 CDT 2008

thanks for the kind replies,

the actual wine version for Linux works fine, can execute both 16 bit real mode (call it DOS programs if you prefer), as well as the 32 bit flat protected mode.

So i was wandering for what reason the mac port don't support this.

I need to build some 80186 firmware code, i have many makefiles ready using WINE.
Anyway, dosbox is good for it, but i would need to call it in the same fashion as wine:

on makefiles i was doing 

wine TASM.EXE build_parameters

for now, using dosbox, this syntax is not accepted, it takes a single parameter, and discard everything after the TASM.EXE.

many thanks for now,

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