[Wine] scrollbar does not stop/function correctly

gat wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue May 27 12:40:11 CDT 2008

This is in multiple programs. I am running wine1.0-rc-1. The program notepad-plus and open perl ide have this problem. The problem is when i scroll the text field scrolls all the way to the bottom, or to the top. If I only move on the mouse pad a little bit then it work, but to have any speed I use the scroll arrow by themselves or with the function key to go down screen by screen. Also the Alt key in window takes you to the menubar, but shift-option which is the macintosh equivalent (I have an intel mac laptop) does not activate the menu, or deactivate if it was already active.
This is for the Dogfood Challenge.
I am greatful that I have a recent version working and that I have my favorite windows program (notepad-plus) working and not entering Mandarin from my English keyboard.

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