[Wine] Re: self-fixing problems

Timeout wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue May 27 13:33:19 CDT 2008

If you know how to use Google, it's a gold mine for error message in Wine. Just type the wording of the last error message in Google with quotes, most of the times you are sent back to other logs from Wine having the same wording and other people having discussions about applications failing with the same error at the end.

Some errors have an error code that you can find in Microsoft database, some error (mostly errors messages) did appear on Windows too under some conditions, take not e of these conditions and ask yourself what is missing in Wine, if there is a chance of it being solved any time soon.

Wine's homepage has a tiny part of all logs, but you should start there, because most of the error reports on distribution's forums oft end up with nobody answering or with so "ask Wine for more help".

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