[Wine] Why is wine not prepackaged on the download site

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at sprintpcs.com
Tue May 27 23:01:39 CDT 2008

gat wrote:
> Darwine for an intel macintosh computer is actually wine. 
No.  I would beg to differ.  I build it and you have to do several 
things in order to make it work.  Wine, out of the build site will not 
work properly on the Mac.  I tried it, so I should be aware of this 
shortcoming.  Also, Wine does not support Leopard's DISPLAY variable.   
So we have to have workarounds to make it work.  One is the 
incorporation of freetype and fontforge.  The other is using a start 
script to set the DISPLAY variable.  This makes Wine work.
> There is no difference. 
Code no, how we build it and run it, yes.
> The project was originally created to use qemu to emulate and allow ppc architectures to use wine. My problem is that the latest compiled wine for osx is on kronenberg's website which is 1.0-rc-1. I was hoping to test some applications on rc-2. 
I ran into the same problems he did.  RC2 will not build on an Intel 
Mac, yet.  Mike will figure it out and build when ready.  For now, use 
RC1 and report any problems you find.

> The reason that winehq.org lists for not having a binary for mac os x on intels is that there is a problem with the x11 windowing environment that make wine not as great as it could possibly be and that the wine group does not want to give a bad impression of its software. 
Your ignorance is showing now.  X11 2.2.1 IS the MacIntosh version of 
Xorg's 7.2 release.  Unlike Tiger, Apple allows this for Leopard.  Apple 
also installs X11 on a 'bare metal' Leopard install. 
> If you search the website you can find it James.
I know exactly where it is.  I've been using Darwine for a little 
while.  The version on the Darwine.sourceforge.net is way out of date.  
Darwine/PPC has NOT been maintained.
>  As I said before the instructions on compiling for os x from the wine website say to tell the installer the version through the terminal. My problem with this is that I am hasty to believe that this is kept up to date as the new release candidates are.
This I agree with.  Darwine is almost abandonware.  The PPC version was 
not maintained as Q-kmu has not been maintained.  The Intel version was 
9.23 or something similar.

The problem is that several 'fixes' for 1.0-rc2 broke the Darwine 
build.  Mike is responsible for maintaining the build package and he has 
not fixed it, yet.  As you should be aware, both Mike and I have 'real 
lives' and have to do other things with our time.  You can assist, if 
you wish, by getting the Darwine build package and attempting to build 
it yourself.  If you can find a workaround to the build breakage, we 
both would appreciate it.  Darwine, like Wine, is a project we all can 
work on to make it better.

James McKenzie

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